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Widen your 

Unpack, get rid & heal your emotional baggage

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A boutique Counseling Practice centrally located in Port Saint Lucie with down to earth staff passionate about serving.  We provide individual, couples, family and group counseling that gives you that at home feeling.  

Ways we can help:


A joint process between me and you working on your goals in order to inspire change or improve quality of life.  Together we will overcome whatever obstacles negatively impacting your well-being in this season of life.  I may be especially helpful when the “presenting problem” is directly connected to your relationship with self and others. 


Gottman Method Couples Therapy (GMCT): GMCT begins with a thorough assessment period followed by goal-oriented interventions and exercises designed to help couples break through gridlock and achieve intimacy. My goal is to help you achieve deeper connection and to ensure that your relationship can go the distance with a lifetime of love.  

Child, Teen & Family Therapy

Together I work with the family unit to help children and parents alike travel the path of healing, growth and peace.  Family therapy can come in various forms such as blended family transitions, New Parent transitions and complex kids.


A wide range of services that can include Premarital Counseling Workshops and Private Sessions, Bringing Baby Home Workshops, 7 Principles Program for Couples, and Parenting Classes.  

Getting Help: Steps toward counseling

We love being invited unto your journey.  Helping you unpack, offload and find insight in order to travel through life a little lighter and as the best version of self.  


Schedule an Appointment:

Take the first brave step to getting the help you need.  Seeking help is a realization that there is something better awaiting.  It also means you've decided to put your well-being, relationship or your child's well-being in the forefront of your life.  


Complete & Collaborate: 

Complete Paperwork and intake and collaborate on a customized plan for change


Live Your Best Life:

Experience an increase in skills, improved relationships, decrease in adverse symptoms, reduction in strong emotions, supported emotional exploration, clarity and perspective and improved quality of life. 


"I feel very lucky to have found Yvette as my counselor.Thank you Yvette for helping me grow and make the changes I want to make. You really are making a difference with all of the techniques you bring to the table!" ~adult client


Welcome to a home away from home in the heart of Port St. Lucie easily accessible from Jensen Beach and Palm City. In the waiting room you'll find healthy snacks, comfortable seating and something to read.  In the rooms, you will find additional comfortable couches and a warm comfortable safe environment.  


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