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ADHD/ADD Counseling

ADD/ADHD Counseling

We help you navigate the in's and out's of what it means to be ADHD and live a life full of joy and adventure.  


The research is clear: ADHD medication is a tool not a cure to ADHD. The power of therapy for ADHD does not diminish with the age of the patient. We teach behavioral, social, thought management and business management skills (for our entrepreneurs) that help manage ADHD symptoms.  The best way that we can explain it is the difference between surviving ADHD and thriving with it.  


Let's work together to determine what type of ADHD therapy is best suited for you in order that you can live in your strengths and put some brakes on your race car brain.  

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What's the Process

Traveling Light Counseling will help you unpack how ADHD/ADD shows up in your life by helping you:



  • GROW


With a goal of understanding the uniqueness of your ADHD and creating a customized plan to level up the areas of strength and create systems for the areas of weakness.  

Some adults struggle with special circumstances which contribute to their struggle such as:​​

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety

  • Life transitions

  • Death 

  • Grief and Loss

  • Divorce

  • Stress

  • Learning Disabilities (gifted included)

We specialize in helping children and adults learn, grow and manage their ADHD and find a greater sense of satisfaction in their lives and relationships.


Contact us today to get started.

Additional Resources for your Journey



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How to (Explain) ADHD

How to (Explain) ADHD

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The Disruptors Official Trailer - a documentary film on ADHD

The Disruptors Official Trailer - a documentary film on ADHD

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Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story | Jessica McCabe | TEDxBratislava

Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story | Jessica McCabe | TEDxBratislava

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Upcoming Virtual & In Person Events


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International Conference on ADHD. November 16-19 2022.

ADHD Global Gathering Virtual

The ADHD Global Gathering is the largest world wide ADHD event of the year. Created by adults with ADHD, it takes place through a new and innovative virtual learning format that’s intentionally designed for adults with ADHD.


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