Adult Counseling

Adult Counseling

As you look at the choices you’ve made you wrestle with your thoughts and feelings, questioning who you are or how can you do life differently. Perhaps you find yourself:

  • Not being the spouse or parent you want to be

  • In a marriage or relationship that feels dead or impossible

  • Still single

  • In and out of relationships and can't figure how to settle down

  • Stuck in a pattern of destruction

  • Seeing the world in black and white

  • Lost and hopeless

  • Exasperated

  • Overwhelmed

  • At the end of self

  • At the end of circumstances

  • At the end of relationship

  • Feeling less than

  • Wanting to do life differently

  • See yourself differently

  • Conquer challenges more effectively

  • Not live life in fast forward missing the important things in life

Counseling for adults in their 20's

Young Adults

"Growing up sucks" is how our young adults put it.  Having to figure out life and do this thing called adult life can be overwhelming and challenging at best.  Being a young adult wasn't the same when your parents were growing up.  The navigation and challenges that come with it all is paralyzing at best.  Catch your breath because at Traveling Light Counseling we will help you with the transition by helping you:

  • discover your power, in order to feel confident and comfortable making big decisions.

  • get in touch with the things you value most in order to clarify your paths relationally, personally and professionally

  • unload and offload any baggage you have been carrying around from your childhood in order that you can go into the next chapter of life lighter and freer.

  • develop skills in order to live a fulfilling life, full of balance and intentionality.

  • find normalcy in your new reality in order to not only survive all the challenges and transitions but survive and grow.


Working through Grief & Loss

Managing Intense Emotions

Transitioning to Peace

Intense emotions can be paralyzing!  Ever feel like your feelings call the shots.  If you feel angry you react angrily rather than seeing the emotion as an indicator and having a response to a situation.  Catch your breath because at Traveling Light Counseling we will help you manage intense emotions:

  • understand, manage and overcome anxiety in order to walk through life with more peace and control

  • understand, manage and overcome depression in order to walk through life with a mind that is still and not trying to escape.

  • understand and manage your anger in order that you build relationships and are less stressed.

  • work through feelings of overwhelm and/or panic in order to make the choices you need to make, go the places you want to and need to go and be in the relationships you desire most.

  • learn the connection between your thoughts, feelings and actions in order to walk through life with a greater of awareness and clearer perspective.

End of Self, circumstances or relationships

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss is a painful journey as grief comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't care what season of life your in or what you have going on.  It's unpredictable.  It holds you hostage until you work the steps.  Catch your breath because at Traveling Light Counseling we will help you manage the waves of grief that comes with both unexpected and expected loss:

  • work through the cycle of grief and pain in order to process through the steps of grief in a healthy way, in your own time frame and in your own way

  • create a coping tool kit in order to navigate the triggers in life.

  • reestablish a new norm in order to live a life with intention and meaning.

  • create and strengthen your support system in order to connect and not be isolated

  • acknowledge that any loss, big or small is significant

Reconnecting with Self

"Who Am I"?  Perhaps you are that adult that somewhere down the journey of life you lost your way and/or yourself.  You've somehow learned to survive through life on auto piolt.  You'd love to reconnect with yourself and perhaps even love yourself in ways you never have before.  Navigating through life's up's and down's takes it's tool on us and it's so easy in the journey of life to lose sight of self.  Catch your breath because at Traveling Light Counseling we will help you rediscover yourself:​

  • get in touch with the things you value most in order to clarify your paths relationally, personally and professionally

  • unload and offload any baggage you have been carrying around from your childhood in order that you can go into the next chapter of life lighter and freer.

  • learn and implement healthy boundaries in order to live a more balanced and happier life with improved relationship patterns

  • increase self confidence and self esteem in order to confidently walk through life 

  • increase self awareness and self love in order to be the best version of self with no regrets.

  • gain a new perspective on life in order to travel lighter and brighter

  • transform your mindset in order to manage your thought closet, make intentional choices and live in gratitude

  • create healthy lifestyle choices in order to implement good self care.

What The Counseling Process Looks Like


Counseling (or therapy, psychotherapy) is the process of meeting with a therapist (or counselor) in order to reduce internal suffering which occurs in the form of problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings and somatic responses (sensations in the body).  In addition, ongoing psychotherapy is a useful means of self-growth and self-discovery.  It is meant to help you build coping skills to be able to handle negative experiences and emotions. Together with a counselor, you will learn, grow, explore, unpack and understand yourself, your world your suffering and your experiences with new perspective, insight and clarity.  Therapy can also help people to resolve barriers which interfere with positive qualities such as joy, compassion, peace, self-esteem, spiritual connection and love.  Many people enjoy therapy and relish the journey of becoming more conscious about themselves, their inner world and their relationships.  Therapy can also be an effective tool in overcoming the effects of trauma and abuse.  


You and your therapist will meet together weekly for 50-minute sessions. Therapy is best done with at least an 8-week commitment. We find that clients who cannot commit to at least 8 weekly sessions and meet less than weekly tend to have more difficulty in establishing a relationship with their therapist and often spend their sessions recapping the previous weeks instead of focusing on forward movement (but there are exceptions).  Despite the 8 week recommendation the process and therapy is a unique process and is discussed during the intake and assessment phase.  After 8 weekly sessions, you and your therapist can discuss the movement toward your treatment goals and whether reducing sessions to biweekly or terminating therapy is the next step as this a process that is very personalized to everyones unique situation.

Here's what to expect:

Do I need to use a computer for the training or can I use my phone?

Our program is built to work on any device with internet access.

Does this program only work for new puppies?

No! The skills we teach work for any dog at any age. The sooner you start the faster you'll get results so don't delay.

Is everything really included with the one-time fee?

Absolutely. You pay a one-time membership fee and get unlimited lifetime access to our site, including weekly classes as well as one-on-one time with our trainers as often as you sign up.

Is the training flexible to me and my puppy's needs?

Yes! Puppy Prep has a table of contents where you can see everything that is offered and move at your own pace. You can skip around or go in order. The choice is yours! Need help deciding what to teach your pup? Sign up for Office Hours with our trainers (included) and they'll help you put together a training plan to meet your needs.

Are the LIVE! Office Hours really one-on-one?

Yes. You simply book an appointment via our online LIVE! page to schedule a personalized session with Amy. These are video conferencing appointments so Amy can assess you working with your dog and offer advice.

Do LIVE! Office Hours & Canine Coaching cost extra?

Nope! You pay a one-time membership fee and have unlimited access to EVERYTHING on our site. Schedule one-on-one coaching whenever you need it and feel free to attend every LIVE! Canine Coaching class or watch the recordings if you can't be there live.

Is this program good for a total beginner?

Yes! We designed this program with you in mind. Our program walks you through every step of training and starts before your puppy even comes home! Our PUPPY PREP curriculum gives you a solid start in dog training with easy access to us anytime you need help. The one time fee is for the life of your dog.

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