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Counseling for Trauma

Counseling for Trauma

The impact of trauma is widespread.  It disorganizes how you both see and interact with life.  It disorders your self-respect, healthy attachments, positive emotions and sense of self.  


Trauma-focused therapy sessions can help as they aim to help you discover skills and improve coping strategies to better respond to reminders and emotions associated with the traumatic event.  While the signs and symptoms can fell complex and at times overwhelming, feeling better is more than possible.  

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What's the Process

Types of Trauma informed care offered at Traveling Light Counseling: 

  • EMDR: Stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It was developed and created by psychologist Francine Shapiro.  EMDR is an intervention that helps both complex trauma (long term) and single incident traumas (one time event) that are stored in the body or emotional memory network to become "unstuck"in your brain and body. What to learn more about EMDR Therapy click here.

  • Havening Techniques: is a non-traditional form of healing therapy.  It is a psycho-sensory modality that helps "de-code" traumatic and disturbing memories that have been encoded in the body and brain.  Want to learn more check out this FAQ page.

The beauty of trauma work is that it like all therapy can be personalized and tailored to your specific desires and needs.  We look forward to helping you unpack the pain of yesterday and today in order to reorganize life in a life giving manner.  

Ready to begin your trauma work?

Let the adventure begin to a lighter and brighter tomorrow with the unpacking of today's struggles in order to receive tomorrow's blessings!  We are honored that you have chosen Traveling Light Counseling to meet the unique needs of your child!

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