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Picking the right therapist is such an intimate process that we aim to take the complexity out of it.  Our heart is that you make an informed decision in order for you to reap the benefits for months and years to come.  You should find and choose someone that is appropriate for you and your circumstances, discriminating between those with whom you can "make do," and those who will be powerfully and enduringly helpful. 

Therapists at Traveling Light Counseling each have their own unique style, specialties and populations to help you along your journey of change, growth, healing and perspective.  Below you can view our therapists and read their full bio by clicking on the link. Be sure to read through the bio's, service pages, and blogs to filter through your search by presenting issue(s), clinician, or availability. Ask yourself what kind of person you are looking for: sex, age, profession, professional and personal points of view, and theoretical perspectives are places to start.

If you are not sure about which therapist may be a good fit for you, you may contact our virtual assistant who can help determine if a therapist at Traveling Light Counseling would be a good fit and help you along your journey.

Please note, Traveling Light Counseling is open by appointment only. In order to schedule an appointment online, please click here or call 772-361-8448 extension 1 (you cannot schedule an appointment by walking into the office as our assistant is virtual).

Kaitlin Baker

Virtual Administrative Assistant


Schedules clients, answers phone calls and emails.

Yvette E. McDonald, LCSW

SW 12224

Owner, Psychotherapist


Not Accepting New Patients except by Special Arrangement

Continuously Growing

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