Divorced/Blended Family

Broken can still be beautiful!

As you sit in the chaos of today you can't imagine a tomorrow that isn't draining, difficult and/or painful.   Let's face it, no one really starts a marriage with divorce in sight.  So, when it happens life can quickly go from right side up to upside down.  Everyone instantly has their own motives, best intentions, agenda's and lots of raw emotions.  People act uncharacteristic and end up exasperating and already difficult situation. And then there are the kids.  The kids that you feel so helpless about as they navigate the many unexpected twist and turns of your divorce.  

 Divorce doesn't have to be your families identity.

Though divorce can be difficult for most, as emotions run high and patience runs low it doesn't have to run or ruin your life or that of your children.  There is hope.  Your child doesn't have to be a divorce static and you and your co-parent can both survive and thrive through this often unexpected chapter of your life.  

At Traveling Light Counseling we are here to help!


We can help if you're coming in as one parent,  a parenting team, or want help for your children.   We will help by bringing a little sanity, perspective and clarity to your situation.  

So if you find yourself to be: 

  • Recently divorced/separated

  • Recently married

  • Struggling to co-parent successfully

  • Struggling with your new Step Family

  • Stuck in a pattern of destruction

  • Exasperated

  • Overwhelmed

  • At the end of self

  • At the end of circumstances

  • Want to conquer challenges more effectively

And/or if you find your child to be: 

  • Struggling to adjust to the changes

  • Regressive behaviors

  • Fear of being abandoned

  • Clinginess

  • Overwhelmed

  • Pervasive anxiety or sadness

  • Intense anger

  • Aggressive behavior exhibited in play and also toward parents

  • Shaken sense of identity

  • School or peer difficulties

  • Profound sense of loss

  • Depression

  • Loyalty conflicts

  • Academic problems

  • Pseudo-maturity (i.e. sexual activity)

When you seek Co-Parent Counseling at Traveling Light we help: 

The Lone Ranger

Doing this together

Parent Coaching

Parenting is a hard enough job in itself, let alone doing it on your own.  Catch your breath because at Traveling Light Counseling we will help you with the transition by helping you:

  • discover your power, in order to feel confident and comfortable making everyday and big decisions.

  • get in touch with the things you value most in order to clarify your parenting goals and purpose

  • unload and offload any baggage you have been carrying around in order that you can go into the next chapter of life lighter and freer.

  • develop skills, routines, systems and rituals in order to live a fulfilling life with your children, full of balance, love and intentionality.

  • find normalcy in your new reality in order to not only survive all the challenges and transitions but come out stronger and wiser.


How you parent with your ex can make a big difference in the life of your child in more ways than you can imagine!  Is it easy?  Not, all the time!  Is it worth it?  Yes, it is!     Catch your breath because at Traveling Light Counseling we will help you give your kids a drama free life by helping parents:

  • learn emotional coaching skills in order for you to help your child through the ups and downs of his/her emotions

  • navigate through adversity

  • creating realistic expectations

  • understand the dynamics of divorce and how it impacts children

  • improve communication techniques

  • co-parent without killing each other

  • create healthy boundaries

  • unpack the do's and don'ts of co-parenting well

  • learn the art of compromise in order to mutually agree on what's best for the kids

Children Counseling

Blended Families

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss is a painful journey.  It's unpredictable.  It holds you hostage until you work the steps and kids going through divorce have quite a lot of steps to navigate.  Catch your breath because at Traveling Light Counseling we will help your child manage the waves of grief that comes with having a heart in two homes by helping them:

  • work through the cycle of grief and pain in order to process through the steps of grief in a healthy way, in their own time frame and in their own way

  • create a coping tool kit in order to navigate the triggers in life.

  • reestablish a new norm in order to live a life with intention and meaning.

  • unpack the separation/divorce, processing their feelings, questions and thoughts

  • developing coping skills

  • accepting new step-parents

  • communication skills to express their feelings and talk with their parents 


Families are built for adventure but having a step family comes with a little more twist and turns.  Catch your breath because at Traveling Light Counseling we will help step families:​

  • adjust expectations

  • create a strong parenting and co-parenting team

  • clarify parent and step parent roles

  • problem solve the pitfalls that are common to step families

  • re-establish a new norm, creating new rituals and points of connection 

Additional Resources for Your Journey

More to Come


Too much going on to process everything and create a game plan?  Or perhaps you guys are one of the few that are divorcing well and you are just looking to complete the divorce class in the moment.  Click here to learn about the online version.  


What The Counseling Process Looks Like

Counseling is meant to help you build coping skills to be able to handle negative experiences and emotions. Together with a counselor, you will learn, grow, explore, unpack and understand yourself, your world and your experiences with new perspective, insight and clarity.

You and your therapist will meet together weekly for 50-minute sessions. Therapy is best done with at least an 8-week commitment. We find that clients who cannot commit to at least 8 weekly sessions and meet less than weekly tend to have more difficulty in establishing a relationship with their therapist and often spend their sessions recapping the previous weeks instead of focusing on forward movement (but there are exceptions). After 8 weekly sessions, you and your therapist can discuss the movement toward your treatment goals and whether reducing sessions to biweekly or terminating therapy is the next step as this a process that is very personalized to everyones unique situation.

Let the adventure begin to a lighter and brighter tomorrow with the unpacking of today's struggles in order to receive tomorrow's blessings!  We are honored that you have chosen Traveling Light Counseling to meet your needs!

Call 772-361-8448 x1  to schedule a therapy session or consultation for counseling today.

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We are here to help you gain perspective, insight and clarity for a lighter tomorrow

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