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Congrats on taking the first brave step to changing things!    

Every step toward change requires an additional dose of courage.  So, before you take another breath congratulate yourself on beginning the process of therapy.  You are working on healing and evolving, which will deeply and profoundly improve your life and positively influence those around you.  Reframe your nervousness for excitement because you are taking forward steps on the path of healing, wellness and achieving the best self personally, relationally and professionally.


It's Okay to Not be Okay and Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations!

It’s okay to not always be okay.  Life is like the ocean.  It's relentless and throws some crazy curve balls at us that we can neither prepare for or always successfully navigate through on our own.  Life gets hard. Life has us willingly or unwillingly waving the white flag, as we feel it's impossible to climb out of our current chaos and catch our breath.  Coming to the end of self and/or to the end of our circumstances is not a bad thing. As it can allow one the opportunity to create new exciting chapters in your book of life. Having you look at life differently. Experience life differently. Process life differently.  These are the things we help people work through and towards during our time together. The process is shorter/longer for some than others, as the journey to self is unique for everyone but it’s a journey full of: Adventure. New beginnings. Surprises. Challenges. Growth both wanted and unwanted.  

At Traveling Light Counseling we pride ourselves in

Being a home away from home at least that's how our clients describe Traveling Light.  A place where you can catch your breath, unload,  off load, relax and become vulnerable with down to earth counselors that keep it real and aim to help you and/or family TRAVEL the journey of life lighter and with a renewed perspective in order to walk through life's transitions and difficulties as the BEST VERSION OF SELF!

Enter Traveling Light Counseling

Traveling Light Counseling Helps our clients transition from surviving to thriving!  

Our practice is designed to meet the needs of everyone by offering a variety of counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialities.  Our counselors vary in their expertise and the population they serve.  Serving clients as young as preschool age to seniors.  Our goal is to match you with a therapist that will meet you where you are at and help you through the journey of growth, healing, change and/or transformation.  We are all always growing in our specialities and acquiring new skills and knowledge in order to serve our clients with the best possible care we can provide.

How We Can Help?

Where the change occurs.

Christian Counseling

For those who filter life through their faith we intertwine the disciplines of faith and psychology to provide an approach to mental and emotional health that pulls from biblical teachings.  Our goals are to help you make choices and changes in your life that feel aligned with God's Word in order to begin and maintain deeper  and more authentic relationships and life. 

*online therapy optional

*christian counseling @ clients request only



We work with adults on a wide range of presenting concerns struggling with emotional, social, relationship conflict/stressors, life transitions, sensory and emotional sensitivities, mood disorders and processing disorders.  Our goal is to help you make choices and changes in your life that feel aligned with your goals as an individual and make the journey of life lighter and brighter.

*Online therapy optional

Grieft + Loss

Grief and loss doesn't have to be the end of your story.  We help clients learn to integrate both their body and mind to support and promote healthy grief.  As you journey through your grief we will help you discover ways to care for yourself and acknowledge your pain without losing hope that all things will get better.  

*online therapy optional


Have you lost your sense of calm due to a traumatic event?  We will help by first creating a safe place to be able to express your feelings and receive support.  Then, as we travel the journey of healing you will be given tools to deal with the traumatic event and gain control of your life again. Our goal is to not having you living in a place of fear and instead giving you the ability to put the past behind you as you thrive in your life moving forward.



We work with children and teens on a wide range of presenting concerns. Our goal is to help children make choices and changes in their life that will have them traveling through life as better versions of self. They will learn to better manage life's transitions, their thoughts, feelings and behaviors by building coping skills, expanding their perspective and learning new skills in order to help them achieve the happy healthy life you as a parent have always envisioned.

*Online therapy optional

We are constantly working to create a better therapy office for your future visits. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see behind the scenes photos and get a tase of what next new thing. 

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Your view as you walk into the office.

Waiting Room

Traveling Light's command center where we relay important information about upcoming groups, seminars, workshops, community events and community announcements.


Essential oils filtered through the air. Along with snacks, refreshments, and reading materials for the whole family.


Waiting Room


Relax and catch your breath.


This is our multipurpose room in which we do family therapy, workshops, seminars, individual therapy, brainstorming and play therapy.


Therapy room #1.


Clients describe this room as intimate, comfortable, relaxing and refreshing.


Clients report they wish they could sit in this room all day due to it's comfort.


Therapy room #2.

Therapy Dog Mika

Therapy Dog Mika

Our Vision & Values

Yvette E. McDonald

Therapist | Writer | Professor |
Clinical Supervisor

I am passionate about the work that I do and am honored to come alongside you in your journey as a counselor, guide and teacher.  Helping you unpack everything and anything that hinders you, widening your perspective, and helping you have a solid sense of self.  I am confident in you and excited to experience with you the benefits that come with counseling.



Part of our heart is to contribute in promoting wellness within the community.  We do this through community speaking engagements, outreach and community service and psychoeducational services.  


We are committed to providing the best atmosphere for our clients.  We offer extra touches like tea, coffee, healthy snacks, water, relaxing music, salt lamps, essential oils and wrap around services for clients.  With our clinicians we our always growing in our skills and knowledge and acquiring new skills and knowledge in order to be the best version of professional self to our clients.  Being in the know with the latest evidence based practices in the field.  Nothing is to good for our clients.


At Traveling Light we value the importance of "walking the talk".  We strive to live out the very principles and concepts brought up in session in our own lives.  We may not do it perfectly however we take our imperfect steps daily.  Something our clients admire and appreciate as they report us being very relatable!

Not looking for counseling?

Traveling Light offers additional services, like marriage and family workshops/presentations and groups.  Click on the images below for more information about other services we offer.