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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over eighteen years of experience working with children, parents, couples, families, adults, and schools.  I received my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and immediately felt a longing in my soul for something bigger, as I have always found helping and listening to be effortless, drawn to people that others have deemed challenging and people have always been drawn to me in sharing their life struggles.  


With my passion to help people in a more individualized setting and to see them through the process of change, not just through a school year I immediately went back to school and received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. I received post-graduate training with neglected and abused children, conducting group therapy, assessment and evaluations, individual and group therapy with the elderly population, children, adolescent, adult and family therapy.

Funny part with my journey is a decade later I have found myself right back in the classroom as a college professor with a passion to pour back into the field of counseling.  


How did the practice get started?

If you ask some they'll tell you I've always had this dream.  Perhaps I did in the beginning but somewhere along my journey I lost sight of it between moving 3 counties away from my hometown, having children and going through a divorce. After my divorce I got back into counseling.  Actually, I don't know if you can say back into it cause I really never left. Even though I wasn't working with face to face clients, I was doing the hard journey of self and raising 2 uniquely created boys. So, I guess you can call it my growth and research time.  


Once back in the field I started doing in-home therapy and was quite content with my job. I knew it was a pit stop but hadn't truly mapped out what the future would hold for me professionally as I navigated being a single homeschooling mom. But, then it happened. Insurance for my clients dramatically changed and was negatively affecting my ability to serve them.  In the midst of all the insurance drama one of my clients asked me “Why don’t you just start your own practice?” I sat with it for a second and then I took the jump and once licensed (which I dragged out….a story for another time) I decided to make the jump to private practice. There was no slow transition for me I just decided it was so, took a deep breath and jumped. It's been the best and most blessed jump I've ever taken.


So that's a little about me.  ​I have been a Christian practitioner for the last 18 years, and this has been a deep source of meaning and strength for me personally.  As a wife, mother (of two twice exceptional children with a fun mix of chaos and love), step-mother, 2 fur babies, and homeschooling teacher I live out the meaning of adventure. I have an active lifestyle and thrive on the intensity of pursuing my passions, learning new things and absolutely love reading books!!!  I enjoy spending time with family and creating memories, traveling, camping, reading a LOT of material on things I’m passionate about, exercising, exploring, cooking healthy meals and all things water sports.


1222 SE Port Saint Lucie Blvd, Port Saint Lucie FL 34952

To schedule an appointment and/or consultation, you may call 772-361-8448 ext 1.  You may also email our intake coordinator, in order that we can begin the journey of exploring a brighter tomorrow.

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