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Grief & Loss Adult Counseling 

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss is a painful journey as grief comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't care what season of life your in or what you have going on.  It's unpredictable.  It holds you hostage until you work the steps.  

But your loss doesn't have to be fixed.  Grief expert Megan Devine says, "Some things in life cannot be fixed they can only be carried."  We agree with that statement at Traveling Light and want to help you carry the grief that your life has brought you for one reason or another.  

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What's the Process

Traveling Light Counseling we will help you manage the waves of grief that comes with both expected and unexpected loss by: 

  • working through the cycle of grief and pain in order to process through the steps of grief in a healthy way, in your own time frame and in your own way

  • createing a coping tool kit in order to navigate the triggers in life.

  • reestablishing a new norm in order to live a life with intention and meaning.

  • creating and strengthen your support system in order to connect and not be isolated

  • acknowledging that any loss, big or small is significant

Some young adults struggle with special circumstances which contribute to their struggle such as:​

  • Step family issues

  • Divorce/Long term relationship ended 

  • Life transitions

  • Health Anxiety (as a result of COVID)


Janet and Yvette specialize in helping adults process the grief and find a greater sense of satisfaction in their lives and relationships.


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Additional Resources for your journey with Grief

Ready to process your grief?

Let the adventure begin to a lighter and brighter tomorrow with the unpacking of today's struggles in order to receive tomorrow's blessings!  We are honored that you have chosen Traveling Light Counseling to meet the unique needs of your situation!

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