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Managing Intense Emotions

Transitioning to Peace

Intense emotions can be paralyzing!  Ever feel like your feelings call the shots.  If you feel angry you react angrily rather than seeing the emotion as an indicator and having a response to a situation.  Emotions can reck havoc for a numerous of reasons be it depression, anxiety, ADHD, Highly Sensitive and the list goes on.  Whatever is your why the fact is that the relationship you are currently having with your emotions isn't working for you anymore and is negatively effecting not only you but your relationships and dreams.  It's time to discover your emotional command system, examine your emotional heritage, sharpen your emotional communication skills, reset your mindset and level up your emotional IQ. 

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What's the Process

Traveling Light Counseling we will help you manage intense emotions by:

  • understand, manage and overcome anxiety in order to walk through life with more peace and control

  • understand, manage and overcome depression in order to walk through life with a mind that is still and not trying to escape.

  • understand and manage your anger in order that you build relationships and are less stressed.

  • work through feelings of overwhelm and/or panic in order to make the choices you need to make, go the places you want to and need to go and be in the relationships you desire most.

  • learn the connection between your thoughts, feelings and actions in order to walk through life with a greater of awareness and clearer perspective.

Some adults struggle with special circumstances which contribute to their emotional rollercoaster such as:​

  • Step family issues

  • ADHD

  • Highly Sensitive 

  • Gifted

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety

  • Life transitions

  • Death 

  • Grief and Loss


Yvette specialize's in helping individuals overcome those difficulties and find a greater sense of satisfaction in their lives and relationships.


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