• Yvette E. McDonald, LCSW-QS

On the Couch with Amy Manko

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Welcome! To our series of blog post in which I, Yvette E. McDonald, LCSW have the pleasure of interviewing one of our therapist here at Traveling Light Counseling. In our series of couch interviews the therapist will be offering us a glimpse into their speciality by answering questions about topics relevant to their field and imparting a few tips, ideas, and suggestions on ways to traveler lighter.

As a disclaimer these interviews are by no means a substitution for therapy and if in need of more specialized, personalized and/or intense help please find a therapist that would best fit your situation.

Here with me today is Amy Manko, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in helping children, teens, families and individuals move past hurts and life challenges.  She believes that individuals have tremendous strength, spirit, and a powerful capacity for change. She helps people grow and live a more peaceful life. She has over 19 years of experience helping people bridge gaps, set and reach goals, and build unity within their family to meet the challenges and changes that occur in life. She provides individuals with an ability to pause in the midst of all that they are experiencing, helping them take a step back in order to take a closer look and move in the direction of self-compassion, happiness, and fulfillment.

So, today's interview revolves around trauma:

Question: Why is it important to heal from truama?

Answer: If I was sitting across an individual questioning the importance of doing counseling regarding a past trauma, I would tell them these three reasons why healing from trauma is important:

  1. You deserve to be happy, healthy, live life to your fullest potential and feel safe. When we feel stuck and not able to move through our trauma, we feel like all the energy is depleted from us and paralyzed. We can live in a world of constant fears, flashbacks, and an inability to enjoy our lives. Dealing with our trauma and recognizing that this is in the past and does not exist at this time in our lives, will allow us to stay grounded and allow our lives to go on in a healthy way.

  2. The trauma is not all powerful. You want to take back your life and not allow the events of the trauma to take over you. You want to gain the full potential and power of your own life so that you are not in a melancholic or trapped state.

  3. You are part of a family and not alone, a role model. Whether you are single, a parent, a partner, a grandparent, or a relative.. you are not living alone in this world. You matter to your family and can show them how you can heal from trauma and be part of the family unit and community.

"It doesn't matter what's been written in your story so far, it's how you fill up the rest of the pages that counts."

What a great interview with Amy. I appreciate her taking the time and talking with me today. She definitely knows her stuff when it comes to helping people heal from trauma. Trauma is something that effects SAMHSA reports "that In the United States, 61 percent of men and 51 percent of women report exposure to at least one lifetime traumatic event, and 90 percent of clients in public behavioral health care settings have experienced trauma. If trauma goes unaddressed, people with mental illnesses and addictions will have poor physical health outcomes and ignoring trauma can hinder recovery."

Trauma doesn't discriminate as it chooses it's victim's and it's a blessing to have someone with this specialty to help individuals, families and couples travel lighter through the journey of life by giving them a place to unpack today's struggles for a lighter tomorrow as it pertains to trauma.

If you feel like Amy will be a good travel companion for your journey. She offers a 15-minute free phone consultation.  During this time she will talk with you about your current stressors, you will get any important questions answered, get a better idea of who she is and how she can help you.  

So, what are you waiting for?  

Schedule a time to speak to her directly at 772-361-8448 ext. 704 or simply book your consultation online now.

Thanks Amy!

Yvette E. McDonald is the owner and counselor at Traveling Light Counseling, a practice for individuals helping them discover the person they were always meant to be, as they become the best version of self in their roles and relationships in the Port Saint Lucie and Martin County area.