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What Co-Parenting Style Are You?

How you parent with your ex can make a big difference in the life of your child in more ways than you can imagine?

Is it easy? Not, all the time!

Is it worth it? Yes, it is!

Kids deserve to be brought up in a drama free life despite their parents choices to parent in one household or two. I’ve seen far too many kids sit in my office with a rollercoaster of emotions stemming for their parents inability to co-parent well. As adults we owe it our children to give them the most intentional upbringing we can in order that they can not just survive but thrieve through our adult choices. Philyaw and Thomas define 3 different types of co-parenting styles that can bring some clarity to your situation.

As parents we have the power to create a positive climate for our child despite what the other parent chooses. Be intentional about your co-parenting, pick your battles and focus on raising a healthy, happy child that experiences love and safety.


Traveling Light Counseling is in the heart of Port Saint Lucie, FL and easily assessable from both Vero Beach and Martin County due to our close proximity to US1 and the Turnpike. I am committed to helping parents successfully co-parent. Co-parenting can be both a rewarding and a positive experience. Having adequate support is crucial to having a successful co-parenting relationship as the transition into co-parenting can be difficult, draining, daunting and overwhelming. I offer co-parenting support, education and help to parents. Please do not hesitate to bring me onto your journey, I'd be honored.


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