Community Engagement

presentations, speaking engagements + community involvement

Traveling Light community contributions and speaking engagements

Part of our heart is to contribute in promoting wellness within the community through community involvement, and speaking engagements. It is our desire, that through regular outreach in the community, we can reach more people from various backgrounds and needs and provide psychoeducational services to churches, synagogues, hospitals, libraries, community centers, students, teachers + administration, and businesses in the community.

Research shows that when a community has increased access to evidence-based mental health information, those members of the community have a better chance at creating healthy lifestyles and being proactive with their mental health.


Our goal is to get involved in our communities, provide support and psychoeducation, and create an open dialogue about mental health with members of our community.

Calendar of Speaking 


If you’d like to add any one of our therapist  to your calendar of speaking engagements, we'd be honored to come alongside your organization/business and provide such a service.  All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out our speaking engagement form.


Our therapists speak on various topics.  Currently we are presenting on internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman for both couples and new parents.  Providing participants with tools and insights to make their relationship even better, transition through the change that new babies bring and a road map for repair.  We will reach out shortly!  Thanks for inquiring!