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We are passionate about the work that we do and are honored to come alongside you in your journey as a counselor, guide and teacher.  Helping you unpack everything and anything that hinders you, widening your perspective, and helping you have a solid sense of self.  We are confident in you and excited to experience with you the benefits that come with counseling.

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We love being invited unto your journey. Helping you unpack, offload and find insight in order to travel through life a little lighter and as the best version of self. Learn More

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Starting Counseling: How to prepare for the first session

Going to your first counseling session can be intimidating, especially if you have never been to counseling before. Starting over with a new therapist can make you nervous when you aren’t sure what to expect. If you are planning to go to counseling for the first time, the following four tips will help you prepare yourself for your first session.

  1. Paperwork​. This is extremely important and will help you alleviate a lot of stress. Complete all paperwork online within your secure client portal at least 48 hours before your scheduled session or your session will have to be rescheduled. If using insruance call your insurance to inquire about your deductible, and mental health benefits.
  2. Prepare Yourself. Before your first appointment, take the time to determine what you want your counselor to help you with. Narrow down your WHY? It can help to write down the issues that you want to discuss, as well as what resolution you are striving to achieve. If you have seen other counselors in the past, you should make a note of this, as well as the results you achieved with them (if any). These notes can help your new counselor to determine the best methods to assist you in resolving any issues you have. And above all – be completely honest with your new counselor.
  3. Don’t Stress. Do your best to relax and stop worrying about your appointment. It may help to do some breathing exercises, meditation or yoga. And remember – once you make it through the first appointment, the second and subsequent appointments will be easy. And remember that you aren’t locked into continuing treatment with this counselor; if you feel like your new counselor is not a good fit, you can move on to another.
  4. Keep an Open Mind. Many patients go to their first counseling session with a solid plan in their mind and are not open to suggestions from their counselor, or to trying different treatment options or exercises. This can derail treatment and result in a waste of time and effort for everyone. Keep an open mind and let your new counselor make suggestions for a path forward. Your counselor may have ideas for things that you haven’t thought of, and these methods may be the ones that help you achieve success.

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