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Crisis Centers & Hotlines

Mental Health Crisis Lines 

For immediate help: 
Call 911 for a life-threatening emergency.

For immediate help with a mental health crisis or thoughts of suicide contact:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  
1-800-272-8255 or #211

Teen line: 
310.855.4673 or tex
t 839863 
Crisis Text Line:
Text 741741 and in subject line
type Hello or Help

Treasure Coast Crisis Line: 


Port St. Lucie Hospital:  


Local Hospitals/

Mental Health Screening Facilities:


New Horizons of the Treasure Coast, Inc.

4500 W. Midway Rd.

Ft. Pierce, FL 34981

24 Hour Emergency Line 1.888.468.5600


Port St. Lucie Hospital

2550 SE Walton Road

Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


For more mental health crisis support, including phone numbers for county lines, visit the links below.  
Steps to take if you believe that someon

Additional Resources for the Journey


Steps to Take if you Believe that Someone is at Risk of Suicide.

Resources, steps and free parent training. 


Suicide Survivor: Unpacking Suicide

It's a senario that you never would have imagined yourself in. A chapter being written into your life without your knowledge, understanding, approval or warning.

Caring worried african american mother h

Suicide Survivor: Children

It happened, you're sitting in the funeral service and the speaker comments on the fact of how the person passed.

Additional Wellness Tools & Resources 

Image by Esther Driehaus

Breathing Exercises

A collection of breathing exercise resources to help you pass the time intentionally during the stay at home order.

Image by madison lavern


A collection of yoga videos to help you intentionally pass the time during the stay at home order. 

Image by Keegan Houser


A collection of meditations resources to help you pass the time intentionally during the stay at home order.


Online Therapy

The convenience of doing therapy at home or on the go to keep yourself mentally well during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Allowing us to do what we do best here at Traveling Light: hold space, destress, gain perspective, catch your breath and unpack and talk.

Image by Webaroo

Ted Talks

A collection of Ted Talks on various subject matters to help you pass the time intentionally during the stay at home order.

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