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Getting started with The Client Portal.  The Client Portal offers a secure, centralized place where you can interact with your clinician and manage your care online. You can use the Client Portal to manage appointments, complete paperwork, make payments, and securely message your clinician.

What is the portal for?

As a paperless office using the latest technology that is both secured and encrypted you get several benefits when working with a counselor at Traveling Light Counseling. You can: 

  • Complete Intake Forms and Counseling Questionnaires – no need to show up early and get a hand cramp.

  • Request a session with the counselor, and view/change upcoming appointments. (After you request an appointment, you will receive an email once its been confirmed.)

  • Set appointment reminders via text, email, or telephone to remind you of your upcoming counseling session.

  • Pay for counseling sessions online with a credit/debit card or HSA card.

  • View your payment history and access statements and super bills (for insurance reimbursement).

  • Send secure messages (similar to texting but more secure) to your counselor.


Signing into the Client Portal.  When a clinician invites you to the Client Portal, you'll receive a Welcome email containing a Client Portal sign-in link. Click Sign In to open the Client Portal in a new tab in your web browser.

Tip: Emails from your clinician will come from the no-reply address To make sure these emails are delivered to your inbox, add this sender to your email contacts. If you can’t find your Client Portal invitation email or are having difficulty logging in, see Troubleshooting Client Portal login issues.

You’ll receive an email containing a Client Portal sign-in link whenever your clinician sends you a new secure message, requests paperwork, or shares a new billing document. These one-time sign-in links expire after 24 hours. If a link has expired, you’ll be prompted to request a new sign-in link or Continue with Google.

Navigating the Client Portal

When viewing the Client Portal on a web browser, you’ll see 3 tabs:

  • Appointments, where you can:

  • Documents, where you can:

    • Complete pending documents

    • Upload documents to share with your clinician

  • Billing & Payments, where you can:

    • View your billing documents and payment history

    • Pay your balance or individual invoices

    • Add your payment details

You can also send your clinician a secure message by clicking the chat bubble icon in the top right.

How do I log in to my clinician’s Client Portal?  When your clinician sends you a new secure message or a document to review you’ll receive an email containing a Client Portal sign-in link. This one-time link expires after 24 hours. If a link has expired, you can request a new sign-in link or use Google Sign In. You can also access your Client Portal directly through the Client Portal mobile app (for Android or iOS). If you’re having trouble signing in, contact your practitioner or visit our Help Center.


Is my information secure in the Portal?  The Portal is hosted by SimplePractice and is HIPAA compliant and encrypted. Learn more about SimplePractice’s security or read the SimplePractice Privacy Policy.

For additional assistance with the Portal feel free to check out the SimplePractice Client Help Center.

Trouble with the Portal?
Speak to your therapist or request help here:

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