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Our Heart 

Meet Us

Congrats on taking the first brave step to changing things!

Every step toward change requires an additional dose of courage.  So, before you take another breath congratulate yourself on beginning the process of therapy.  You are working on healing and evolving, which will deeply and profoundly improve your life and positively influence those around you.  Reframe your nervousness for excitement because you are taking forward steps on the path of healing, wellness and achieving the best self personally, relationally and professionally.

The Team at Traveling Light Counseling

Picking the right therapist is such an intimate process that we aim to take the complexity out of it.  Our heart is that you make an informed decision in order for you to reap the benefits for months and years to come.  


You should find and choose someone that is appropriate for you and your circumstances, discriminating between those with whom you can "make do," and those who will be powerfully and enduringly helpful.  


Be sure to read through the bio's, service pages, and blogs to filter through your search by presenting issue(s), clinician, or availability. Ask yourself what kind of person you are looking for: sex, age, profession, professional and personal points of view, and theoretical perspectives are places to start.

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Our Vision & Values


Part of our heart is to contribute in promoting wellness within the community.  We do this through community engagements, outreach, community service and psychoeducational services.  


We are committed to providing the best atmosphere for our clients.  We offer extra touches like tea, coffee, healthy snacks, water, relaxing music, salt lamps, essential oils and wrap around services for clients.  With our clinicians we our always growing in our skills and knowledge and acquiring new skills and knowledge in order to be the best version of professional self to our clients.  Being in the know with the latest evidence based practices in the field.  Nothing is to good for our clients.


At Traveling Light we value the importance of "walking the talk".  We strive to live out the very principles and concepts brought up in session in our own lives.  We may not do it perfectly however we take our imperfect steps daily.  Something our clients admire and appreciate as they report us being authentic and relatable!

At Traveling Light Counseling we pride ourselves on.....

Being a home away from home at least that's how our clients describe Traveling Light.  A place where you can catch your breath, unload,  off load, relax and become vulnerable with down to earth counselors that keep it real and aim to help you and/or family TRAVEL the journey of life lighter and with a renewed perspective in order to walk through life's transitions and difficulties as the BEST VERSION OF SELF!

Traveling Light Counseling Office

Your view as you walk into the office.

Waiting Room

Traveling Light's command center where we relay important information about upcoming groups, seminars, workshops, community events and community announcements.

Waiting Room

Essential oils filtered through the air.

Therapy Room #1

A space, safe from all that is happening outside, a place where inner thoughts might come unbidden to the surface and deep work takes place. A space to fall apart and catch your breath with Psychotherapist Yvette.

TLC Therapy Room

Therapy room #2. Soul work happening in this room.

Traveling Light Counseling

Home away from home

TLC Therapy Room

Therapy Room #3. Hope and healing inside this room.


Therapy Dog Bella. *In training

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