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One of my favorite podcasts starts its interview of the professional by asking,

“Who are you and how do you show up in this world?”

So, I’m thinking no better place to start.  

Hi, my name is Yvette, Owner and Therapist at Traveling Light Counseling.  As a clinician I bring into the room my empathy, quirkiness, keep it real style, down-to-earth, relatable, kind, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and a great listener; which are all qualities that I truly hope to embody in our work together. 

As you well know therapy is a journey for the brave despite all the stigma‘s that exist about it still to this day, which is mind blowing. Seeking therapy isn’t weak it’s just everyday people seeking guidance within their life or their relationships. Therapy is about you saying I want something better, I deserve something better, I want to prioritize myself, I want to prioritize my relationship or perhaps you’re thinking I want to prioritize my child’s mental health.  Whatever your reasoning you’re at a point in your journey where you see value in going to therapy, sitting and talking with someone and unpacking your feelings, screw ups, past pain and struggles and creating a road map for your future aspirations.  That's where I come in.  

You can read more of her personal story HERE.


I’ve been doing this close to two decades at this point which is crazy when I think about it.  I started this journey at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida with my undergraduate in Elementary Education and then continued immediately with my graduate degree in Social Work. Maybe one day I’ll get that doctorate in either Social Work or another complementary field or perhaps I'll write that book I always wanted to write. But in the moment, I set my sights on developing my craft in the world of relationships, managing emotions, highly sensitive and ADHD. I have completed levels 1, 2, and 3 in Gottman Method Couples Therapy in addition to specialized training in treating affairs and trauma and couples in addiction recovery.  I am also heavily invested in couples knowing they have an option and they don't have to make a premature divorce decision.  So, I am trained in Discernment Counseling in order to offer an option that was never available to me during my marriage crisis.  I am also a Gottman Leader for both Bringing Baby Home and The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Currently, I’m on the certification track with a drive to be a Gottman Certified Therapist by the end of next year 2022.  Funny fact about being a Gottman Certified Therapist is that I would be the 7th in the state of Florida and the only one in the Treasure Coast Area.  In combination with Gottman I use an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  In addition to my therapist hat I also am a professor and Qualified Supervisor.  Click here to learn more about that role.  


My specialization in relationships extends beyond couples to include:



  • Adjustment Disorder

  • Affairs

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Attachment Disorder

  • Behavioral Issues

  • Bipolar

  • Blended Families

  • Child, Adolescent and College Mental Health,

  • Communication Issues 

  • Depression

  • Disruptive Mood Dysregualtion (DMDD)

  • Divorce

  • Grief

  • Gifted

  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

  • Mood Disorders

  • Strong-Willed/Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

  • OCD Subtype

  • Perfectionism

  • PTSD

  • Stress & burnout (work and family)

  • Trauma

  • Twice Exceptional


I take an emotion focused approached and use an integrative style to meet the needs of my clients.  My go to methodologies include Christian Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focused (EFT), Discernment Counseling, Behavioral Therapies (REBT, CPT, etc.) Solution Focused (SFBT), Gottman, and Strength Based.  At the heart of it, I take a Person-Centered approach in terms of meeting you where you’re at utilizing an integrative approach that works best with your presenting concerns and goals.  

What do you consider a success for your clients?

How does the work I put in and how I show up as a therapist relate to you?  Well, if you haven’t already picked up on it, I do emotions and relationship with individuals and couples.  Clients come to me to deal with highly emotional topics and to make empowering life changes.  They come highly motivated which I love and respect and there’s a connection regarding matching their dedication with mine.


People that find the most success with me are ready to put the work in, want someone that will match their motivation for change.  They find that they have a travel companion in their corner that brings, insight, clarity, and perspective.  They enjoy my thirst for growth and knowledge that I happily bring into the room as I raise their emotional, relationship, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence and bring a level of intentionality that empowers them and has them looking at life with a different lens.  Metaphorically speaking together, we will take the baggage of the past and present and lay it all out.  We will sort through what you have been carrying, ask the tough questions as to why, gain clarity and understanding as to how it became part of your story, clean out and sometimes throw out what no longer serves you or your relationship(s).  Then we learn some new habits and skills to replace what was disregarded, learn new skills on how to practice self-love, self-compassion, process emotions, thoughts, and actions, have healthier relationships with others, heal and process the pains of the past, and learn how to rise strong in order to travel through life as the best and healthiest version of self.

"It takes a lot more courage to let something go than it does to hang on to it, trying to make it better.  Letting go doesn't mean ignoring a situation.  Letting go means accepting what is, exactly as it is, without fear, resistance, or a struggle for control." ~ Iyanla Vanzant. 


You'll find a mix of couch thoughts, parent coaching, divorce and couples tips, ideas and strategies

Let me help you move forward.

Hey I get it! I understand how chaotic life seems right now as I both have lived it and have walked alongside many on their journey to a better, brighter and lighter tomorrow. There is hope in what feels like a hopeless situation, relationship and/or life.  


I can help you begin the start to a new chapter. Even if you are still wrestling with: 

  1. Is counseling really necessary?  

  2. I've been wanting to do this for a while but I just don't know how to start or even where to start.


I can help you!  I make therapy convenient and less overwhelming to fit into your busy life. 


Schedule a time to speak to me at 772-361-8448 or simply book your first appointment online now


So, what are you waiting for?  Let go and let the adventure begin!!

Thank you for taking the time and learning about me and including me on your journey of life.  Clients who work with me appreciate my straightforward and down-to-earth approach!​ I can't promise an outcome as the journey to personal growth is unique.  But, I can promise you'll get a travel companion that will make the journey brighter in order to make the necessary change for a better tomorrow. I look forward to bringing that in our time together.