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Bringing Baby Home
Individual Workshop

Helping new parents with the transition to parenthood

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

What is Bringing Baby Home?

Bringing Baby Home is a research-based, research-tested workshop for expectant couples and parents of infants. It was developed by the Gottman Institute, well known for decades of leading-edge scientific research on couples, child development and the transition to parenthood.


Research shows that 67% of couples report a significant drop in their relationship quality within 3 years after the birth of a child, and an increase in conflict and hostility.
– Relationship Research Institute

Bringing Baby Home Program | Dr. John Gottman

Bringing Baby Home Program | Dr. John Gottman

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Your Relationship is Crucial

In Bringing Baby Home, couples are given tools to cope constructively with the changes that occur after the birth of a child, and to increase the satisfaction in their relationship. This significantly improves their well-being, and the well-being of their child(ren).

Past Participants Showed:

  • Better quality relationships

  • Less hostility

  • Less postpartum depression

  • More satisfaction as parents

  • Infants with fewer language delays

  • Fathers becoming more involved


Skills You Will Learn:

  • How to strengthen your friendship

  • How to increase intimacy

  • How to regulate relationship conflict

  • Information about child development

  • How to co-parent

  • How to keep fathers involved


Twelve-Hour Workshop
The full workshop is customizable in that we break down the 12 hours into a weekly or monthly schedule that works for you.  The workshop has a workbook and take-home materials.  Non-mobile babies in arms (3months or younger) are welcome.


.  The workshop cost may be covered by your Health Savings Account.  Ask your employer for details.  


To schedule, please contact Yvette McDonald at 772-361-8448, or email  


* Interested in bringing the workshop to your organization or business.  Click here for more information.

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