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Mental Health & Wellbeing
in the Workplace

A personalized training guiding businesses, organizations, schools and front line workers in the art of navigating the space between a highly emotional person and peace.  

De-Escalation: Conflict in Calmness

The Deescalation workshop aims to teach  you how to de-escalate any situation quickly and efficiently.  De-escalate without losing control or composure.  Minimize arguments. Increase understanding and empathy.  Allow people to be heard.  Take insults, provocations and disrespect from others without losing your cool.  Be in the presence of strong emotions and say exactly the right thing in exactly the right moment.  Increase your emotional intelligence.

Work Stress

The Work Stress Workshop aims to teach you skills and develop tools to better manage your anxiety and stress at work. You will learn theories about the development of stress and how it manifests.  Learn how to cope with it. Learn stress management and relaxation techniques.

Training Details:

This training is customized to your needs.  There is a foundation that is laid no matter the audience.  Then based on the audience, information is customized to fit your needs and specific challenges at your organization/institution/school.  The format of the workshop/class depending on duration includes: education, role-plays, questions and answers and vignettes.  

Is this training for us?

Appropriate organizations and institutions: 

  • School personnel

  • Teachers

  • Front-Line Workers

  • Law-enforcement

  • Community agencies

  • Leaders & Supervisors

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