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I'm done with this marriage. 

If you are strongly leaning towards divorce because you feel done with the marriage, we can offer you two options.


One is short-term Discernment Counseling to help you take one more look at the decision and to help your spouse get clear as well about what’s happened to
the marriage.


If you end up sure you want to divorce, we can offer you personal help and referrals to good mediators and collaborative lawyers. We can assist you in making the best divorce possible with individual therapy, offering you a “family first” approach to the ups and downs of your divorce process. We are all about integrity and ensuring if you have children, that you do well by them as well as don’t overreact and act badly towards your spouse. We can assist with reactions and emotions that come up for you with whatever your spouse is doing.

Reflection Points:

Here's some thoughts and questions to consider as you review your decision: 

  1. Have you done everything you can to save your marriage?

  2. Have you worked on changing yourself?

  3. Have you sought professional help?

  4. Have you come to terms with your own contribution to the breakdown of your marriage? (research shows when people leave their marriage without working on themselves they often just repeat their same mistakes in their next marriage; you can't divorce yourself, you take yourself with you into a new marriage)

One way to determine if you have done your best is by envisioning your future self speaking with your 25 year old son/daughter who wants to better understand why your marriage ended.  Lastly, affairs in particular are not a good way to end a marriage and they usually do not lead to successful remarriages.  One more try with the right help could make a difference.  

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