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Annual International Conference on ADHD 2023

We are right around the corner for the Annual International Conference on ADHD!!!!! And this year, the conference will be hybrid! Which means you can attend from the comfort of your home and learn on your own schedule and pace online December 5-6, 2023.

Sponsored by the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), ADDA and CHADD, this 3-day event brings together ADHD leaders, people with ADHD, vendors, speakers, teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, parents, spouses --- basically anyone and everyone who has been connecting, learning and thriving with ADHD.

So, excited this year to be attending in-person in Baltimore on November 30 - December 2 for face-to-face networking, deeper learning, and fun with your peers. If you can't join no worries please click above for the online option.

So exciting!


Yvette E. McDonald is the owner and counselor at Traveling Light Counseling, a practice for individuals, couples and families helping them discover the person/couple they were always meant to be, as they become the best version of self in their roles and relationships in the Port Saint Lucie and Martin County area. As an ADHD, Twice-Exceptional, Highly Sensitive Person, she understands the struggles that come with being Neurodiverse. She wants to help you, your child or relationship experience the gifts that come with being Neurodiverse, reduce the intensity you have been living with, and help you navigate through life with more confidence, awareness, emotional strength and perspective.


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